Trademark Registration Class 1 to 45

Trademark Registration Class 1 Chemical Products(1)

What is Trademark Registration?

A Trademark Registration grants the proprietor of the trademark the sole right to
use it. An incontinently identifiable symbol, expression, or term that designates a
particular product is known as a trademark. It recognizes the forming company’s
power of the brand and distinguishes a good or service fairly from all others of its

What Can Be Trademarked?

A trademark may be a brand name, a company name, or name of an individual, or
a surname. But any type of company, trade, or service must utilize such a name. It
may be written in any particular font, color, or style.

Trademark Class

A trademark bracket is the most important bracket according to services and
goods. Trademark attorneys and trademark observers understand the trademark
classes and arrange documents, similar as trademark and service mark
operations, according to the description and compass of the types of goods &
services to which the trademark apply.

List of Trademark Class

Class 1Chemicals
Class 2Paints and Varnishes
Class 3Soaps, Perfumes and Cosmetics
Class 4Industrial Oil and Fuels
Class 5Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Products
Class 6Common Metals and Alloys
Class 7Machines & Machines Tools
Class 8Hand Tools & Implements
Class 9Scientific
Class 10Surgical and Medical Instruments
Class 11Lighting, Heating & Cooking
Class 12Vehicles
Class 13Fireworks & Firearms
Class 14Jewellery, Precious Metals & Stones
Class 15Musical instruments
Class 16Paper, Books & office Stationer
Class 17Rubber, Asbestos & Mica
Class 18Leather & Leather Imitations Products
Class 19Building Materials
Class 20Furniture & Plastic Goods
Class 21Household Items & Kitchen Utensils
Class 22Ropes, Sacks and Bags
Class 23Yarns and Threads
Class 24Textiles and Textile Goods
Class 25Clothing, Footwear and Headgear
Class 26Lace, Button and Embroidery
Class 27Carpets, Rugs and Mats
Class 28Games, Toys and Sporting Goods
Class 29Meat, Fruits, Milk and Oils
Class 30Food Products, Coffee, Bread, Sugar
Class 31Grains, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Class 32Water and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Class 33Alcoholic Beverages
Class 34Tobacco and Smoking Products
Class 35Business Services and Consulting
Class 36Financial and Real Estate
Class 37Building Construction and Repairs
Class 38Telecommunications & Broadcasting
Class 39Transport and Travel Arrangement
Class 40Printing and Treatment of Materials
Class 41Education and Entertainment
Class 42Technology and Software Services
Class 43Hotels and Restaurants
Class 44Medical and Beauty Services
Class 45Legal and Security Services
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