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What are trademarks?

A trademark is a word, phrase or logo used by a company or individual to identify their products and distinguish them from those of others. It is also called trade name, brand name or mark of origin.

In this article we will elaborate on how you can apply for a trademark online through the USPTO (U.S Patent and Trademark Office) in India.

Why Do I Need to Register a Trademark?

Registering a trademark is the best way to protect your brand from any kind of imitation.

If you want to be successful, then you need to protect your intellectual property. This includes trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. The best way to do it is by registering a trademark with the USPTO. That’s what this guide is all about!

There are many reasons why you might want to apply for a trademark for your company.

The first reason is that it may be easier to market your company with a trademark. A trademark also helps you build brand loyalty.

What are the Different Types of Trademarks & How do I Know Which One is Suitable for My Business?

Trademark registration is a process of registering a trademark of the company for a specific word, phrase, symbol, or design. Trademark registration is sometimes also called trademarking. The first step in the process is to file an application with the USPTO.

Trademark Law protects the goodwill established by the use of trademarks. A mark that successfully passes through all three hoops will be granted trademark protection as soon as it has been registered with the USPTO. In order for this to happen, an owner must prove that (1) they are using their mark in commerce; (2) they are using their mark with goods and services; and (3) they intend to continue using their mark with goods and services in commerce into the foreseeable future.

The trademark is a word, phrase, logo or image that is used to distinguish the products and services of one company from those of its competitors.

A trademark can be a word, name, symbol, design, colour scheme and even slogan. A company usually registers their trademark with the government in order to protect it from being used by others who do not have the owner’s permission.

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Trademark? And What Is Included in the Application Fee?

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods or services.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) charges an application fee for registering a trademark. The registration process starts with the filling out of form TM-1.

As mentioned above, the USPTO charges an application fee for registering a trademark. The amount of the fee varies depending on how you are filing your application – online or by mail. The online application fee is $275 per class of goods or services for up to 25 classes. For example if you choose to register your trademark in all six classes- 10 cents x10 = $10 per class x6 = $60 total cost.

How Do I Register My Trademark in India

The Indian Trademark Act, 1999 provides for registration of trademarks in India. Registration can be done by following the steps mentioned below.

The first step is to file an application with the Registrar of Trade Marks in Form TM-1 which can be downloaded from the website of the Registrar.

The second step is to pay an application fee which is Rs.750/- for each class of goods or services that are being registered.

The third step includes filing a declaration stating that all goods or services are not being used by any other person anywhere in India and also supply evidence for this claim if it does not apply.

All you need to do is log in to the trademark office website, fill in the form and submit it.

Registering a trademark with the relevant government agency is an important step in protecting your business. You can register your trademark online through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website by filling out an application form and submitting it electronically for approval, which typically takes about 6 months to process.

Legal Protection for Trade Trademarks

The legal protection from trademarks is that they are registered in order to prevent people from infringement of their rights.

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