TDS Return Filing

Rs. 1000 (Excl of Taxes)

It is mandatory to file TDS Return quarterly by the deductor of tax. Every detail in the statement filed has to be precise and accurate. It contains the details of Tax deducted and deposited. Tax is deducted on transactions such as payment to professionals, Contractors, payment of rent exceeding certain amount and many more. For every such type of transaction and payment, there is prescribed rate of tax to be deducted and paid.  Non filing of TDS statements online can lead to huge penalties. We at MyEfilings shall help you file TDS statements Online hassle free at most reasonable price.

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Benefits of Filing for TDS returns

Hefty amounts would be charged for late filing of TDS Returns.

It is mandatory to file TDS Statements online so that the deductee can get the credit of the same while filing their personal Income Tax Returns.

TDS Return Filing Process

Information Collection

The first step is to collect all the required information you will need to file your TDS Returns online.

Document Collection

TDS paid challans and other documents shall be collected and verified by the team.

Filing of TDS Statements

TDS Statements shall be filed online on the basis of the information and documents provided.

Submission of Acknowledgement

Congratulations Your return is Filed. Acknowledgement for the same shall be provided to you.

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1000 Excluding Taxes
  • Upto 10 transactions per Return


1500 Excluding Taxes
  • Upto 20 transactions per Return


2500 Excluding Taxes
  • More than 20 transactions per Return


Form 26AS is a combined annual statement of a taxpayer, in which tax credits of a taxpayer are maintained by the Income-tax Department. Form 26AS consists of details such as tax deducted by entities on the taxpayers’ behalf, details of income on which tax have been deducted, details of deductors, etc.

Yes, a person must have TAN to deduct TDS, deposit TDS to the Government and file TDS Statements.
The taxpayer failed to file TDS return before due date has to pay Rs 200 per day of delay in filing as an additional fee. Apart from an additional fee, the penalty can be levied u/s 271H of Income Tax Act. The minimum penalty prescribed is Rs 10,000 which may extend to One Lakh Rupees.
The due date for Payment of TDS deducted is seventh of the next month. For March, it is 30th April of the next year.
Period Due Date
April- June (Quarter 1) 31st July
July- September (Quarter 2) 31 st October
October-December (Quarter 3) 31 st January
January- March (Quarter 4) 31 st May
Form Particulars
Form 24Q Quarterly statement for TDS from “Salaries”
Form 26Q Quarterly statement of TDS in respect of all payments other than “Salaries”
Form 27Q Quarterly statement of TDS from interest, dividend or any other sum payments to non-residents
Form 27EQ Quarterly statement of collection of tax at source

Non-furnishing of PAN or furnishing of incorrect PAN would result in the incurring higher TDS at 20% rate.