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Removal of Directors

Rs. 2500 (excl. Govt fees and taxes)

Removal of Directors

Resignation of Director

To resign from his office, the director of a company can give a written notice to the company.

On receiving such notice the company will have to,

  • Recognize the same by passing a board resolutionto that effect.
  • Within 30 days from the effective date of resignation, intimate the registrar by filing the form.
  • Put the details of such resignations in the Director’s report that is laid in the next general meeting
    held by the company.

Removal of Director

As per Sec 169 of Companies Act 2013, removal of directoris the shareholder’s legal right, even before his/her tenure expires, through ordinary resolution in the general meeting. The director is given a reasonable chance to be heard excluding cases of appointment by the central government. The Articles of Association, the Memorandum of Association or any other agreements or documents cannot take away this legal right.

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Procedure For Removal of Director

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Passing of Resolution and Documenting

To remove a director from a company, MyEfilings will arrange all the necessary documents and resolutions.


Company Law expert from MyEfilings will prepare required forms and filethe same with the MCA for approval. The form filing has to be done within30 days of passing the board resolution.


Documentation Needed For Registration

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2499 Excluding Government Fees & Taxes
  • Resignation of director
  • Filing Form DIR 11
  • Exclusive of govt. fees and taxes.


5499 Excluding Government Fees & Taxes
  • Resignation of director
  • Filing Form DIR 11
  • One class III digital signature
  • Exclusive of govt. fees and taxes.


7998 Excluding Government Fees & Taxes
  • Resignation of director.
  • Addition of a New Director.
  • Filing of Form DIR 11.
  • One class III digital signature of the New Director
  • Exclusive of govt. fees and taxes.


Usually it takes 1-2 working days after receiving the documents from the clients for the process of the resignation of a director to be completed.
After the resignation of a directorif it is accepted by the board, the director is no longer liable for any liabilities the company incurs after the date on which the resignation is accepted. But a director will be liable for offenses that happened during his tenure as the company’s director even after he resigns.

The date on which the company receives the notice or if the director specifies any date in the notice, whichever is later, is accepted as the effective date of the resignation of a director.

Yes, it takes an ordinary resolution in a general meeting by the shareholders of the company to remove a director from a company. The director to be removed must get a special notice to pass such a resolution.

No, once shareholders remove a director from the Board, the Board of Directors cannot reappoint

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