Registered Office Change

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Registered office of a company is the official address where all the communications and notices are sent and received. The registered office address is decided by the proposed directors at the time of incorporation. The registered office of the company is situated within the jurisdiction of the same ROC where it is registered. The situation clause of Memorandum of Association contains the state in which the registered office of the company is situated.

Scenarios of change in registered office of the company:

  • Change within local limits of city, town or village.
  • Change outside local limits of city, town or village, within the same ROC and state.
  • Change in ROC within the same state.
  • Change in state within the jurisdiction of same ROC.
  • Change in state outside the jurisdiction of existing ROC.


The Companies Act 2013 requires companies to paint or affix its name as the address of its registered office outside its every place or division where the business is carried out.

It may happen that the registered office needs to be shifted to another place for better management of the company, to seek more growth in terms of resources etc. However, the change of registered address of the company in the same city is more common and easy to do. Since every company is governed in accordance with the provision of the Companies Act 2013, it is mandatory for all companies to keep the ROC informed about the change in the registered office.

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Procedure of Registered Office Change

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Documentation Needed For Registration


Yes, a company can be registered at a residential address. It is not necessary to register a company at commercial address. Only a vacant land or building which is under construction cannot be registered as registered office address.
No, Registered Office of Company must be situated in India and within the jurisdiction of ROC whereit is registered.

Yes, Companies Act doesn’t prohibit 2 companies from getting registered at the same address.

Yes, a company’s registered office address can be different from its corporate office, administrative office or its branches.

No, it is not mandatory to maintain books of accounts at registered office only. The books of accounts and other relevant papers maybe kept at any other place as the Board of Directors may decide. However, the same should be reported to ROC by filing prescribed form within timelines along with copy of Board resolution as an attachment.

Notice of every change of the situation of the registered office, after the date of incorporation of the company shall be given to the Registrar within 30 days of change, who shall record the same.

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