Public Limited Company Registration

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Public Limited company is the one that has offered shares of stock to the general Public with a Limited Liability, who cannot be held responsible for any business losses. Incorporation of Public Limited Company requires minimum of seven shareholders & Three Director’s. There are no restrictions on maximum number of shareholders. It is suitable for large businesses as it becomes easy to raise capital. Compared to any other form of business organization the compliances and regulation for Public Limited Company are more stringent. The shares of the Public Limited Company can be listed on the stock Exchange.

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Benefits Public Limited Company

A Public Limited Company when incorporated is considered as artificial judicial person. It is a separate legal entity.  A Public Limited Company can purchase its assets and borrow own funds as a separate judicial entity.

Since Public Limited Company is considered as artificial judicial person, it’s existence is not dependent on resignation, death or any other kind of departure of any of its members. A Public Limited Company continues its existence unless it is legally winded up as per the provisions of Law.
Public Limited Companies can borrow funds by issuing secured or unsecured debentures or by borrowing funds from Banks or financial institutions. Public Ltd Companies are preferred by Banks and financial institutions for lending money.

The shares of a Public Limited Company are freely transferable. This makes investment in the shares liquid and an investor is not bound to remain with the company.

This is probably the most important advantage of a Public Limited Company. Share holders of a Public Limited Company are liable only to the extent of the unpaid amounts of shares held by them. Personal assets of share holders cannot be liquidated if company defaults.
A Public Limited Company is an artificial judicial person. Just as an individual initiates legal proceedings against another person, a Public Limited Company can also initiate legal proceedings against another person or Company.

Process of Public Limited Company

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Name Approval

For Public Limited company registration you need to apply two different names in line with business with the MCA from which one of the names is selected approved.

Filing of the Incorporation Form

The form for the Incorporation of a Company is filed Online.

Company Incorporation Certificate

It will take you only 10-15 days to get a Public Limited Company incorporated. Once you get it incorporated you will obtain a certificate as proof of your company formation.

Ready to Work!

Congratulations!!! As a Public Limited Company, you are ready to work and take your business to great heights of excellence!

Documents Required For Public Ltd company Registration

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25000 All-Inclusive Price
  • 3 DIN
  • Company Name Approval
  • Incorporation Fees
  • Stamp Duty of Authorized Capital Rs. 5 lakh
  • Company PAN & TAN


27000 All-Inclusive Price
  • 3 DIN
  • Stamp Duty of Authorized Capital Rs. 5 lakh Company PAN & TAN
  • GST Registration
  • Free MSME Registration


35000 All-Inclusive Price
  • 3 DIN
  • Company Name Approval
  • Incorporation Fees
  • Stamp Duty of Authorized Capital Rs. 5 lakh
  • Company PAN & TAN
  • GST Registration
  • Trademark application under one class.
  • Free MSME Registration


  • Minimum seven persons can promote a Private Limited Company. There is no limit on maximum members of a Public Limited Company.There has to be three directors for starting a Public Limited Company.
  • Any person of 18 years and above can become Director of a Public Limited Company. A natural person of any nationality can become a director in a Public Limited Company. The only condition is that there should be minimum one Indian resident as director of Public Limited Company.
  • A Public Limited Company can be started with any desired amount of capital investment.
  • No. You need not visit MCA office or our office to incorporate a company. 
  • With the help of MyEfilings you can incorporate your company in 15 to 20 days’ time. There is nothing like fast track incorporation. Processing time with the Government department is same for everyone. Yes, we can incorporate your company quickly by saving processing time at our back office. We request timely submission of documents from your end.
  • Directors of all the incorporated Companies have to register themselves with MCA by providing some details. On receipt of those details MCA allots them a unique number. That number is called Directors Identification Numbers (DIN). There can be only one DIN per person.

The maximum amount of share capital the Memorandum of Association authorizes the company is the authorized capital of a Private Limited Company.

The amount of money for which shares are issued to the shareholders and, in turn, the payment is made by the shareholders is the paid-up share capital of a company.

  • Yes, a NRI or Foreign National can be a Director in a Public Limited Company after obtaining Director Identification Number. However, at least one Director on the Board of Directors must be a Resident of India.
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