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Professional tax is a state tax, which is levied by the state government. Professional tax can be divided into two parts namely Employer Professional Tax (PTEC) and Employee Professional Tax (PTRC). Though both the taxes are deposited with the government by the employer only, there is a difference in nature.

Employer Professional Tax (PTEC) is a fixed amount that is to be paid by the employer as his professional tax e.g. in the state of Maharashtra the professional tax payable by the employer or business (PTEC) is Rs. 2500/- per year. Employee Professional Tax (PTRC) on the other hand depends upon the monthly earnings of the employee. The employer deducts a certain amount from the salary of his employer every month and deposits the same with the state government. The maximum professional tax for the year in case of employee (PTRC) cannot exceed Rs. 2500/-.

Professional tax has been levied by the state governments of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Orissa, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Tripura, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal.

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Benefits of Professional Tax

Failure to get a professional tax registration leads to huge penalties.
It is easy to comply with professional tax. It has only one monthly return for PTRC. There is no return for PTEC.
Deductions can be claimed from the salary while computing Income Tax on the basis of the professional tax paid.
Helps you in keeping your company actively running and legally compliant with state laws.
Professional Tax is issued for the life time purpose hence there is no requirement of renewal of same as like in case of Shop Act etc.

Process for Professional Tax Registration

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1499 All-Inclusive Price
  • Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate (PTEC)


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  • Professional Tax Registration Certificate (PTRC)


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  • Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate (PTEC)
  • Professional Tax Registration Certificate (PTRC)
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Every person who is engaged in any employment, business, trade, or profession is liable to pay a professional tax.
No, employees are not required to get a professional tax registration. An employer gets a professional tax registration and he deducts the professional tax from the employee’s salary and deposits it with the government.
The professional tax rate for employees varies in every state. The rates depend upon the salary earned by the employee.
Professional tax can be paid online or at any branch of the designated banks.
Following classes of persons are exempt from payment of profession tax:
  • Members of armed forces of Union serving in the State.
  • Badli workers in the textile industry.
  • Any person suffering from a permanent physical disability (including blindness) specified in the rules, certified by a physician, a surgeon or an oculist, working in a Government hospital, which has the effect of reducing considerably such individual’s capacity for normal working or engaging in a gainful employment or occupation and also his parents or guardians.
  • Women exclusively engaged as agents under the Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojana of Directorate of Small Savings.
  • Any person and parents or guardians of such person who is suffering from mental retardation specified in the rules, and, certified by a psychiatrist working in a Government hospital.
  • Persons having completed age of 65 years (w.e.f. 1-4-1995).
  • Parents or guardians of a child suffering from a physical disability mentioned in (3) above.
  • Partnership firms and HUFs (but each partner of a partnership firm and each coparcener of HUF are liable for enrolment, see entries 19 & 20 in Schedule–1).
  • Mathadi Kamgar (casual workers) [Cir. 12T dated 3-8-2011].
  • Professionals, covered by Entry 2 of the Schedule, up to one year of standing in the profession.
  • Armed members of Central Reserve Police Force to whom the Central Reserve Police Force Act, 1949 applies and the armed members of Border Security Force to whom the Border Security Force Act, 1968 applies, serving in the State of Maharashtra. (w.e.f. 1-4-2016)
Amount of PTRC liability Due Date and Type of Return
First Year of Registration Monthly returns before last day of month
Less than Rs. 50,000 On or before 31st March of the Year for which the return relates (Yearly return)
More than Rs. 50,000 On or before the last date of the month to which the return relates (Monthly return)

In case the employer fails to file the return within the due date then the employer is liable to pay late fee of Rs. 1,000 before filing the return.

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