Private Limited Company :- Registration

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Private Limited Company :- Registration

We at MYEFILINGS ensure that the registration of your company is done timely and accurately with compliance to regulatory requirements of Ministry of corporate.

Whenever we plan to start a company there are many things which comes in our mind, like
how to form a company, a start-up, MSME, Public Ltd, or Private ltd. the cost, funds, location, process, documentation, Loan, Appointment of a Director the registration. The most popular form of companies are Private limited or public limited company. Here the entrepreneur has to choose the type of company he has to form depending upon his funding plans.

To Start any Company in India, Company registration is very important part which has to be
done timely and accurately with complete compliance under the laws of company formation.
As there are many benefits to register a company like getting company recognition, Legal identity, Tax benefits, Funding for the business.

Company registration has become so easy these days as you don’t have to rush at any departments with your documents or stand in queues for hours, Everything can be done online which take few minutes which save our time and money by just submitting few documents on line like your PAN, GOVT ID PROOF-VOTER’S ID or passport or driving license, BANK STATEMENT, Your utility bills either mobile or electricity or gas. Along with your passport size photograph and signature the process to form a company starts.

For Registration you required to apply for Digital Signature certificate, Directors Identification number for all the directors also we have to check for the name availability, Registration on the MCA portal and lastly we receive Certificate of Incorporation where we get the PAN and TAN of the company.  Proof of Documents of the company register, like agreement, Letter of NOC from the landlord for the permission to use his office. 

The Cost to register a Private Limited Company in India/ Registration of Pvt Ltd Company would vary from INR 6,000/- to INR 30,000/- depending upon the No. of Directors, No. of members, authorized share capital and Professional fees. May also depend upon the complexity of the task. Post registration we have to apply for DIN, Incorporation, Pan, Tan, Bank account of the company.

What is a Private Limited Company?

A private limited company is a type of Small organisation owned by shareholders and managed by Directors with limited liability for business debts, which reduces personal risk. you can set up to run your business with minimum 2 directors and maximum 15 directors and the upper limit of the members is  50 /200 all  above the age of 18. The liability of the members in a pvt ltd company is limited to the shares held by that members. Here the company has to pay corporation tax out of any profits and can then distribute the remaining profits among shareholders. When a Entrepreneur forms a company it is very important that he keeps his Register Office in India.

The owners of private limited companies are known as shareholders and each holds a certain number of shares in the business. This means you can set up a limited company yourself – you’d own 100% of all the shares – or with others, dividing the available shares between the shareholders.

Like everything has an advantage and disadvantage Pvt ltd company too has the same.

To mention some advantages, the company has a long lasting lifespan and can continue if one of the owners dies. Management, Transfer of ownership & Raising of capital can be done easily. Complete control of your business and personal assets are safe. Also you get more opportunity for tax planning.

Whereas the disadvantages of the Pvt Ltd company they are more difficult and expensive
to register. Transfer of shares is restricted nor can Shares be offered to public. Shareholders in any case cannot exceed above 50. Minimum 2 shareholders are required for a meeting. The winding up of a Pvt Ltd Company is more complex, costly and time consuming process.

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