MSME / Udyam Registration

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MSME is the abbreviation for micro, small, and medium enterprise. MSME enterprises, the foundation of any economy is an instrument of economic growth, bringing about an impartial improvement for everyone.

The government has begun various schemes and incentives for MSMEs in order to encourage small scale industries. However, Udyam Registration is mandatory to avail such schemes.

Only manufacturing and service provider companies can register under MSME. Traders are not eligible to register under MSME. MSME registration is also called as Udyam Registration. The registration process of an MSME is simple, requiring very few documents.

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Benefits of Udyam Registration

It will be easy for enterprises that are having MSME Registration to get another licenses, approvals and registrations, irrespective of field of business from the respective authorities.
All the business which are registered under the MSME can avail the benefits regarding the bank loans. Banks provide the collateral-free loans where your property is not pledged with the Banks.
The government fees for Trademark & Patent registration is reduced by 50% for the enterprises registered under MSME (Udyam).
MSMEs who have good credit history and have good relations with their banks can avail the overdraft facility. MSMEs get the advantage of 1% exemption on interest on overdraft facility. This could be extremely beneficial for MSMEs.
The biggest advantage of an MSME registration is the protection received from the government for delayed payments whereby the provisions are made to ensure timely payment by the buyer. This enables them to maintain free cash flow and keep bad debts to a minimum.

Procedure to obtain Udyam Registration Certificate


Documents & duly filed detail sheet as provided by MyEfilings shall be submitted.

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Professional Fees for Udyam Registration shall be paid to MyEfilings.

Filing of Application

Expert Team of MyEfilings shall file Application on your behalf.

MSME Registration Certificate

You shall receive the MSME Registration Certificate via Mail from our end.

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  • Udyam Registration


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  • GST Registration


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  • Udyam Registration
  • GST Registration
  • 1 Class II DSC


A micro enterprise is the one where the investment in plant and machinery or equipment does not exceed one crore rupees and turnover does not exceed five crore rupees.
A small enterprise is the one where the investment in plant and machinery or equipment does not exceed ten crore rupees and turnover does not exceed fifty crore rupees.
A medium enterprise is the one where the investment in plant and machinery or equipment does not exceed fifty crore rupees and turnover does not exceed two hundred and fifty crore rupees.
No, in the interest of environment, physical copy of certificate is not issued. Government believes in paperless work.
Yes, both new and existing business can apply for MSME registration and get certificate.
Yes, Aadhaar no is mandatory for doing online MSME Registration.
All are the same. Now SSI, MSME & Udyog Aadhaar have been discontinued and is replaced by Udyam Registration.
No, although getting MSME registration is not mandatory but it always suggested to small and medium enterprises to get it done as it provides many benefits.
Udyog Aadhar registration availed upto 30th June, 2020 is valid upto 31st March, 2021 only. They need to get a fresh Udyam Registration.
Udyam Registration is valid for Life Time.
No enterprise shall apply for more than one Udyam Registration. All the number of activities including manufacturing or service or both must be specified or added in one Udyam Registration.