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Latest News Recent Update on ESIC

The Indian government developed the ESIC social security programme. The main reason is to provide medical and financial benefits to employees. The primary aim of ESIC is to ensure the welfare and well-being of workers. Especially the ones employed in establishments covered under the scheme. ESIC offers comprehensive healthcare services including:

  1. medical treatment,
  2. cash benefits and other social security measures to employees and their dependents.

ESIC registration is a crucial step for both employees and employers. There is a need to complete this to avail of the benefits provided by the scheme. Through registration, employees become eligible for various benefits, including:

  1. medical care,
  2. sickness benefits,
  3. maternity benefits and more.

Employers play a significant role in facilitating the registration process. Also, ensures compliance with ESIC regulations.

The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme in India. It is managed by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. ESIC provides medical, cash, maternity, disability, and dependent benefits to employees and their dependents. Employers and employees contribute a certain percentage of wages towards the scheme. ESIC operates hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics across the country to provide healthcare services to beneficiaries. The corporation also undertakes various initiatives to promote occupational health and safety for covered employees.

ESIC registration is mandatory for establishments. For the ones employing a certain number of workers, as prescribed by the government. Once registered, employees receive an ESIC number. This number serves as a unique identifier for accessing the benefits offered. Employees must understand the registration process and ensure compliance with the requirements. If in any case, they are not able to maintain then they might lose the benefits they are entitled to.

The ESIC registration process involves several steps. Both parties must follow it properly. Let’s delve into the details of the registration process:

Employer's Role:

Employers have the responsibility of initiating the ESIC registration process for their establishment. They must first obtain the Employer’s Registration Certificate (ERC) from the regional office. The ERC serves as the primary document required for ESIC registration.

Employee Details:

Employers need to gather the necessary information and documents from their employees. This includes personal details, such as:

  1. name,
  2. address,
  3. date of birth and family information and
  4. supporting documents like identity proof and photographs.

ESIC Form 1:

Employers are required to fill out ESIC Form 1, also known as the Employer’s Registration Form. This form collects information about the establishment, such as the:

  1. name,
  2. address,
  3. working type of business and the count of existing employees.

It also includes details of the employer’s contact information and bank account details.

ESIC Form 1A:

Employers must also collect ESIC Form 1A from their employees. This form captures the employee’s details, including their:

  1. name,
  2. address,
  3. date of birth,
  4. family information, and nominee details.

Employees need to fill out this form accurately and submit it to their employer.

Submitting Forms:

Once the necessary forms are filled out, employers need to submit these forms. The submission of ESIC Form 1 and Form 1A must be to the respective ESIC regional office.It is crucial to make sure that all of the information offered is accurate and current.

ESIC Code Number:

After the submission of forms, the ESIC regional office will assign a unique ESIC Establishment number. This code number serves as an identification for the employer’s establishment.

ESIC Number:

Once the registration process is completed, each registered employee receives an ESIC number. This number is used by the employee to access the benefits provided under the ESIC scheme.

It is crucial for employers to maintain accurate records and update any changes. The information must be there with the ESIC regional office such as:

  1. new hires,
  2. resignations, or salary revisions.

This ensures the smooth administration of the ESIC scheme and facilitates timely benefits.

Benefits of ESI

The ESIC scheme offers a wide range of benefits to employees. Together with providing them with comprehensive social security and healthcare support. Let’s explore the significant benefits of ESI in detail:

Medical Benefits:

Under the ESI scheme, employees and their dependents receive medical benefits. This includes outpatient and inpatient treatment at:

  1. ESIC hospitals,
  2. dispensaries and recognized private medical institutions.

Employees can avail themselves of medical services such as:

  1. consultations with specialists,
  2. diagnostic tests,
  3. surgeries and maternity care.

Free medicines are also provided to insured individuals. This ensures access to necessary medications without any financial burden.

Cash Benefits:

ESI offers various cash benefits to employees in times of need. These benefits aim to provide financial help and replace lost wages during absences. The reason must be due to illness, injury, or maternity. Employees can avail themselves of cash benefits for:

  1. sickness,
  2. disablement and maternity, ensuring that they have financial support during challenging times.

Sickness Benefit:

Employees who are unable to work due to sickness can receive cash compensation. The amount is equal to 70% of their average daily wages and is payable for a maximum of 91 days in a year.

Disablement Benefit:

In case of permanent or temporary disablement employees are eligible for cash benefits. The amount of benefit varies based on the degree of disablement and is paid monthly.

Maternity Benefit:

Female employees are entitled to maternity benefits. The same includes paid leave during pregnancy and post-delivery. The benefit amount is equal to 100% of the average daily wages and is payable for up to 26 weeks.

Dependent Benefits:

It supports the dependents of insured employees in the event of the employee’s demise. Benefits include a monthly pension paid to the spouse and dependent children. Even financial assistance for education and rehabilitation benefits comes along with them. These benefits help in ensuring well-being and financial stability.

Funeral Expenses:

Under the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) scheme in India, funeral expenses are covered as a part of the benefits provided to the insured person’s family members. In the unfortunate event of the insured person’s death, ESIC offers a one-time lump sum payment to cover the funeral expenses. The amount provided for funeral expenses is subject to the rules and regulations of the ESIC and may vary depending on the specific circumstances. It is advisable to consult the official ESIC website or contact the nearest ESIC office for detailed information on the coverage and process for claiming funeral expenses under the ESIC scheme.

Conveyance Allowance:

ESIC offers a conveyance allowance to insured individuals who require specialized medical treatment. The same covers the transportation expenses incurred for hospital visits. It ensures that employees can access the necessary healthcare services without worrying.

Other Benefits:

Besides the primary benefits mentioned above, ESI also provides benefits such as:

  1. rehabilitation allowance,
  2. vocational training and physical aids for employees with disabilities.

These benefits support recovery and help them reintegrate into the workforce.

It is important to note that the benefits provided by ESI are subject to certain conditions. The exact provisions may vary based on factors such as:

  1. the employee’s salary,
  2. duration of employment and the nature of the illness or injury.

Following is advisable for employees to familiarize themselves with the specific guidelines.

It plays a crucial role in safeguarding the interests and well-being of employees. The same by providing them with comprehensive healthcare and social security benefits. The scheme ensures access to quality medical care. But also offers financial support during times of illness, injury, or maternity. By availing themselves of the benefits provided by ESI, employees can experience:

  1. enhanced security,
  2. a better quality of life generally and mentally tranquilly.

How Employees Can Check ESIC

Employees can check their ESIC status to ensure they are availing of the benefits. Technology has implemented various methods to access their ESIC details. Let’s explore some of the ways employees can check their ESIC status:

Online Portal:

ESIC has an official online portal that provides a user-friendly interface for employees. The same is used to access their ESIC information. To check their ESIC status, employees can visit the ESIC website and log in. Once logged in, they can navigate to the relevant section to view their details, including:

  1. their ESIC number,
  2. contributions and claim status.

The online portal also allows employees to download important documents such as:

  1. the e-Pehchan card, which serves as proof of their ESIC registration.

ESIC Mobile App:

ESIC has developed a dedicated mobile application that employees can download. The ESIC mobile app offers a convenient way to check ESIC details on the go. Employees can log in to the app using their credentials and access a range of features. Checking ESIC status is one of the primary features available on the app. It allows employees to quickly verify their registration and benefit status. The app also provides notifications and updates related to ESIC. Employees now stay informed about any changes or new benefits.

Helpdesk and Customer Care:

ESIC has established help desks and customer care services to assist employees. In case employees face any issues while checking their ESIC status they can reach out to the ESIC helpdesk. Trained professionals are available to provide guidance and resolve any technical difficulties. The helpdesk and customer care services play a crucial role in ensuring that employees can access their ESIC details without any inconvenience.

Employer Assistance:

Employers play a significant role in facilitating ESIC registration. Also in ensuring that their employees can avail the benefits provided. Employees can approach their employers for assistance in checking their ESIC status. Employers have access to the necessary information and can guide employees through the process. They can help employees:

  1. navigate the online portal or mobile app,
  2. clarify any doubts and address any issues that may arise.

Employers can also provide updates and important information related to ESIC registration and benefits.

SMS Service:

ESIC also provides an SMS service that allows employees to receive updates and information related to their ESIC status. By registering their mobile number with ESIC, employees can receive SMS alerts. Specially regarding their contributions, claim status, and other important notifications. This service ensures that employees can stay informed about their ESIC details. That too even without direct access to the online portal or mobile app.

It is essential for employees to regularly check their ESIC status. It is highly important to stay informed about their coverage and benefits. This helps in avoiding any delays or discrepancies in availing of the benefits. The benefits talked about are the ones that are entitled to employees under the ESIC scheme. Employees can easily access their ESIC details:

  1. By utilizing the available online platforms,
  2. seeking assistance from the helpdesk or customer care and
  3. communicating with their employers,

Ensure a smooth experience in availing of the benefits provided with the aid of these.


ESIC registration is a vital process for both employees and employers. This is because it ensures access to a range of benefits offered under the ESIC scheme. The benefits provided by ESIC:

  1. encompass medical care,
  2. cash compensation during illness or disablement, maternity benefits, and support for dependents.

Employees can easily check their ESIC status through the:

  1. the online portal,
  2. mobile app, or by seeking assistance from the ESIC helpdesk or their employers.

Regularly checking ESIC details helps employees stay informed about their coverage. The same ensures that they can avail the benefits they are entitled to without any hassle. By embracing the ESIC scheme, employees can enjoy security and peace of mind. These come with comprehensive social security and healthcare support.

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