IPOs of India in 2021

IPOs of India in 2021

2021 has been a great year for IPOs in India. Many big brands came up with their IPO and didn’t surprise us with their performance in the market. The investors were more hooked on buying the new IPO share than the existing ones. And it looked like even with the ongoing pandemic, the investors believed in major companies listing and didn’t shy away from giving them the grand opening they awaited.


Let’s take a look at the top public listing of IPO which made a grand opening in 2021:


  1. MTAR Technologies – MTAR Technologies not only made a grand debut in its IPO but also continues to be about 296% its issue price. It is involved in building high precision engineered components and critical machines like aircraft engines, missiles components, reactors, etc. It has emerged as the most preferred choice among investors and had been subscribed 200 times with 597 crores in its IPO.
  1. Laxmi Organic – Laxmi Organic limited is involved in manufacturing chemical products like acetyl intermediates which includes ethyl acetate, acetaldehyde, fuel-grade ethanol and other solvents. It made a strong opening in the IPO market with a subscription of over 106 times in March 2021 and still stands at 229% above its initial offer.
  2. Zomato – Zomato made headlines in 2021 when it announced that it is going to be listed and as one of the most popular food delivering companies, it had a blockbuster opening in the IPO with a subscription of 38.25 times. It also gained a market valuation of over 1 lakh crore. It continues to be traded above its issue price in the market.


  3. Nykaa –  Nykaa which deals with cosmetics and beauty products was subscribed at a premium 79% above its issue price. The investors showered the beauty e-commerce platform with much trust and it raised almost 5,32 crore with its IPO.


  4. Nureca – The issue price of Nureca was Rs.400 per share and it got listed at a premium of Rs. 634.95 per share. The IPO was launched in february and now it trades at Rs. 1390 per share. The investors believe in the stock of Nureca and expect to get fair returns on it.


  5. Paras Defence and Space Technologies – The issue price of Paras Defence and Space Technologies was Rs.175 per share which got listed at a premium of Rs. 318.51%. Currently the shares get traded at a stock price of Rs. 732.40 per share.


  6. Ease My Trip – The issue price of Ease My Trip was Rs.186/ Rs. 187 per share in March 2021. The share price of it currently is Rs.538 per share and rated 2.90 times more than its issue price. 

2021 was a tremendous year for IPOs and this year too seems big for the business who want to join the league of public listings. Many entrepreneurs became billionaires with their company valuation crossing the multi-billion dollar mark and investors too got a fair return on their investments. It shows that the ratio of investment in the stock market is increasing day by day and can become a primary source of income for many people in the future.  


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