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Digital Signature Certificate

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Digital Signature Certificate

A Digital Signature is an electronic signature. It is used while signing electronic documents. Like physical documents are validated by hand-written signatures, so are electronic documents validated by digital signatures. A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can be presented electronically to sign documents digitally, or to show your identity and to get access to services or information on the Internet.

DSC provides an additional level of safety and security for online banking transactions by digitally verifying the financial transactions and encrypting the information such that only intended parties can read it.

A DSC comes handy mainly when you have to file government tenders, income tax returns, ROC returns, GST returns, and many more.

Your DSC Provides You Safe Online Financial Transactions

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Benefits of a Digital Signature Certificate

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Digitally signed documents offer confidence to the receiver to be assured of the signer’s genuineness.

A digitally signed document cannot be edited or altered once signed, making the data secure and safe.

Digitally signing PDF files and sending them is much faster than physically signing, scanning, and sending hard copies of documents via e-mail. This saves time besides eliminating the cost of printing and scanning the documents.

Digital Signature Registration Process

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We will guide you to prepare documents for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) by providing The MyEfilings Guide to Digital Signature.


On receiving the DSC Application Form and the documents, we will apply and get the Digital Signature Certificate in one day.


We will courier the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) to your address, which should be delivered to you within 1-2 days.


Your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is ready to be used.

Documentation Needed For Registration

Choose Your Plan


1999 All-Inclusive Price
  • One Class III DSC (2 Years Validity)


3499 All-Inclusive Price
  • One Class III DSC (3 Years Validity)


5999 All-Inclusive Price
  • One Class III DSC (2 Years Validity)
  • Signature & Encryption


Any person (Indian Citizen and Foreign Nationals) can get a Digital Signature. Even any type of business entity (Partnership, LLP, Company, Trust and others (Class 3 DSC)) can acquire it.

The validity of a Digital Signature Certificate lasts up to a maximum of two years. After their validity expires, they have to be reissued.

A person can have a maximum of 2 DSCs – one for official use and the other for personal use.

From the date of providing the application and necessary documents, a digital signature can be obtained within 1-3 working days.

No, one doesn’t need to provide any physical verification to obtain a digital signature.

A Class 1 certificate is given to both businesses as well as to private subscribers or individuals to verify the user’s name and email-id as provided in the consumer database. This is not considered to be of any major significance but is a basic assurance.

A Class 2 digital signature is required to confirm the identity of an individual against a pre-verified database. For the e-filing of the documents with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the income tax department, and GST, this type of digital signature is required. After verifying self-attested copies of address proof/identity and completion of the e-KYC process, a Class 2 Digital Signature is provided to a person on a USB token. Class 2 Digital Signature tokens are required for LLP registration, company registration, GST registration, IT returns filing, GST return filing, IEC registration, and MCA annual return filing.

A Class 3 Digital Signature is the safest form of Digital Signature Certificate, which is required to ascertain the identity of the signee in e-tendering and e-commerce. For example, many online e-tenders ask the auction participants to take part in the bidding process by using a Class 3 Digital Signature to ascertain their acceptance of the bid electronically. Class 3 Digital Signatures can only be acquired when the Registering Authority confirms the identity of the applicant in-person.

Your proprietorship concern is not incorporated or registered anywhere. So it does not have a certificate of incorporation. You can register your business with any relevant government authority like Professional Tax Registration, GST, or MSME to recognize the identity of your proprietorship concern.

A proprietorship concern has very little compliance to follow.
a. Every year you have to file your income tax return with the Income Tax authority
b. File your GST return depending on the size and nature of your business

Since a proprietorship concern is owned, controlled, and managed by a single person, you do not have the option of adding partners to your proprietorship concern.

In case of proprietorship concern, the proprietor’s PAN card and that of the Proprietorship are the same. So your firm has no separate legal identity. Also, when it comes to the assets and liabilities, it is the same for the proprietor and the proprietorship.

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