DIN Features and Registration Process

DIN (Directors Identification Number) introduced under section 266 A to 266 G of Companies (Amendment) Act, 2006 is an 8 digit unique identification number required to be obtained by every director to carry out his directorship in any company. For LLP the prospective director gets DPIN which is the same as DIN. To obtain your DIN seamlessly along with complete guidance connect with team myefilings.

Features of DIN:

Mandatory – Every director needs to apply for DIN. One cannot be appointed as a director without DIN.

Universal – DIN is generated for a particular person once in a lifetime and the same DIN will act in any/any number of company he/she joins as a director.

Lifetime Validity – Once the DIN is generated, it will remain valid for lifetime with no need of periodic renewal.

Maintenance of Data – Through DIN the data of directors is maintained with the ministry of corporate affairs and income tax department assisting in proper communication between both parties.

Prevents Forgery – As the DIN is specific to an individual director, it helps the correspondents to recognise the imitator and sustains transparency in communication through its unique code.

Digital Signature – While applying for DIR-3 Form and DIR-6 Form, applicant’s digital signature will be required to further process the application which is to be verified by the CS (Company Secretary), MD (Managing Director), or any concerning authority of the company. DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) can be made through online application which comes with a validity of 1 or 2 years. To process for DSC connect with myefilings through http://myefilings.com/digital-signature-certificate/ . The application with digital signature has to be digitally verified by the CS (Company Secretary), MD (Managing Director), or any concerning authority of the company while applying for DIR-3 Form and DIR-6 Form.

DIN Forms

  • For the first time, the applicant has to submit SPICe Form along with necessary documents to generate DIN for a new company.
  • The applicant needs to submit DIR-3 Form when he/she is appealing to an existing company to become its director. Likewise the existing company needs to submit DIR-3C Form while appealing to the registrar for enrolling any director for itself.
  • DIR-4 Form can be submitted for the verification of applicant’s details when necessary.
  • In case the director needs to surrender his/her DIN, he/she will have to submit DIR-5 Form.
  • In case the director wants to alter or change any information regarding the DIN, then he/she needs to submit application DIR-6 Form along with necessary documents.

Process to file application for DIN:

1. Download forms – The applicant have to download SPICe Form if prospecting to become a director for the first time in a new company or else DIR-3 Form while appealing to become the director of an existing company from the MCA website (mca.gov.in).

 2. Application – After downloading the form the applicant have to register themselves on the MCA website. If already registered then they can log in to their account and upload the form with digital signature where applicable along with the necessary identity and address proof.

3. Payment – Once the details and documents have been uploaded, necessary fees shall be paid for the application to be further processed.

4. DIN Processing – After submitting the application and generating receipt, DIN will be generated within 1 month from the date of applying. If any duplication found, provisional DIN shall be generated and once the details have been verified by the back office team of MCA then the approved DIN will be generated.

5. Rejection of DIN application – Due to inconsistencies in the details or documentation, or due to missing details or documents, the application may be refused. In this situation, the applicant may make adjustments by submitting the required information and supporting documentation using the DIR-6 Form.

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