Increased in Authorised Capital

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Increase Authorized Capital

As per Sec 2(8) of the Companies Act 2013, an “Authorized Capital” is the capital authorized by the memorandum of a company as the maximum amount of share capital of the company. The authorized share capital is the highest amount of share capital a company can provide its shareholders/members. Once a private limited company or a public limited company gets registered, the company has to comply with several compliances regularly. But with business expansion, companies face fund requirement for its expansion. One way to raise funds is by issuing shares. However, in case the company wants to issue more shares than its authorized share capital, it has to make provisions fortheincrease in authorized share capital of the company.

Companies can alter their authorized share capital as per the Companies Act 2013. It involves certain procedure governed by different sections. The act also governs the changes introduced in the chartered documents being the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company. Before providing new equity shares or before increasing the paid-up capital, a company may have to make an increase in authorized share capital. Based on the authorized capital, a company has to pay a fee to the government.

To introduce more capital, a company may need to increase its authorized capital.

For an increase in authorized capital, a company must pay stamp duty to the state government along with the ROC fees that have to be electronically paid through the MCA portal. The amount of stamp duty may vary from state to state.

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Procedure of Increase Authorized Capital

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Documentation and Resolution Passing

Call EOGM by giving 21 days clear notice and pass ordinary resolution. Company Law expert from MyEfilings will prepare the documents requisite for increase in authorized capital and send it for signature and approval.


Once we receive your consent and signed documents, we file all the documents with the MCA. On your behalf we pay the stamp duty along with the filing fees. Please note that you have to file the form within 30 days of EOGM.


We at MyEfilings,maintain track of the form for the increase in authorized capital filed with the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). The officer in charge checks the form when the filing of all the documents is done. On receiving approval on the form, the data of the company is updated on the Company Master Data. For your information and record, the same will be given to you on the registered email-id.

Documentation Needed For Increase Authorized Capital

We prepare the following documents foran increase in Authorized Capital:

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  • One class III digital signature
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An increase in authorized share capitalof a company can be done by the shareholders having the majority voting rights in the company.
Yes, on the MCA portal, the Master Data of the company reflect the increase in the authorized capital.

It generally takes around 25 working days for change of name.

After increasing the authorized capital, it is not necessary to allot shares. The company can keep the capital unissued.
Yes you can reduce authorized share capital. This is known as Diminution. By diminution, it means reducing the share capital of the company by cancelling the unsubscribed section of the issued  money.
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