Addition of Director

Addition Of Directors

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A director is a person who the shareholders elect to manage all the affairs of the company. It is mandatory to provide the names of the first directors in the Articles of Association of the Company. Every time the appointment of directors is done by the members of the company in the general meeting, excluding the first directors. An additional director can be appointed for the company, if required, in a meeting other than the General Meeting.

Minimum number of Directors as per section 149(1)(a):

  • 3 in case of a Public Limited Company
  • 2 in case of a Private Limited Company
  • 1 in case of a One Person Company

The appointment of directors is governed by section 152 of the Companies Act, 2013. A Directors Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a prerequisite for the appointment of directors.

There is no prohibition on the appointment of a foreign national as the director of any Indian Company as per the Companies Act, 2013.

However, as per section 149(3), every company is bound to appoint at least one Resident Director who has lived for a minimum of one hundred and eighty-two days in India during the financial year.

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Procedure to Add a Director

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Documenting and Passing Resolution

For the appointment of a director, it is necessary for the company to hold a board meeting. A minimum of 7 days of notice in writing has to be hand-delivered or posted or sent via electronic means to the registered address of every director. For the addition of a director to a company, MyEfilings takes care of all the essential documents and resolutions.


The documents will be reviewed by a company law expert from MyEfilings, who will then file the necessary forms with the MCA to add a director to the company.


Congratulations the Director has been added.

Documentation Needed For Registration

  • 1. Pan card (self-attested copy)
  • 2. Aadhaar Card (self-attested copy)
  • 3. DSC Form (signed)
  • 4. Consent letter (signed)

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2999 All-Inclusive Price
  • Add 1director having DIN and DSC
  • Drafting Resolution


4999 All-Inclusive Price
  • Add 1 director having DSC
  • Drafting Resolution
  • One DIN


6999 All-Inclusive Price
  • Add a director not having DSC and DIN
  • Drafting Resolution
  • Add one DIN & DSC


A natural person belonging to any nationality not less than 18 years old can be appointed as a director of a Private Limited Company. There is one condition associated with this that at least 1 director of the company has to be a resident director.
You can have a maximum of 15 directors in a company. There is, however, a provision to appoint more than 15 directors in a company by passing a special resolution in a general meeting.
The prerequisites to get a DIN are address proof, signed affidavit, identity proof, and a digital signature (DSC).
A person without a DIN intending to become a director of a company has to get a digital signature to apply to the DIN cell to get a DIN.